Friday, July 19, 2013

Our First Kiss

Now before I talk about the night of our kiss, let me first talk about the night before. Thursday nights we go to Kevin's house to watch Psych, but before we went over Cameron thought we could go hike up to this small waterfall in Pleasant Grove. So we did that and had a lot of fun. As we stood on top of the waterfall, we stared into each other's eyes and it seemed like the big final moment was about to happen. But of course, I RUIN IT by glancing to the side. Then Cameron looked away and the moment was over. UGH STUPID ME. WHY COULDN'T I HAVE WAITED 3 SECONDS LONGER. Oh well. Anyways, now onto Friday night, April 5, 2013.

That evening Cameron and I went to his mission reunion in SLC at his mission president's house. It was nice meeting the different missionaries he worked with and boy was his president's house BIG. It was crazy how gigantic it was. But he and his wife sure are nice people. Anyways, enough of that. As we were driving home, Cameron asked if I wanted to go walk around Discovery Park. Of course I said yes. So we walked around for about 20 or so minutes, talking about different things when suddenly I noticed we had walked out into the middle of the baseball field. Then Cameron randomly asked if I wanted to dance. He turned on Frank Sinatra on his phone and together we danced. Oh my goodness, my heart was going crazy! It was just like a movie, dancing underneath the stars to romantic music. Gradually we moved closer to each other to the point that our forehead were touching. I knew that this had to be the moment and I didn't want to ruin it. After about 30ish minutes of dancing, maybe longer I'm not sure, I looked up into his spectacular eyes, he looked down at me, and we kissed. IT WAS SO ROMANTIC. It was after we kissed that I told him that he was my very first kiss. Ever. This surprised him and he told me that I did a good job. Plus, he said that I was the first first kiss he had that wasn't awkward. That made me feel good, because I was worried about that. So basically I was on cloud nine the rest of the night. We had finally kissed and it was the most magical moment of my life. I'm so very glad that we waited 2 months, yes I know that's a while, before we had our first kiss. I felt that it was more meaningful. It wasn't a "Hey you're hot let's kiss" but it was a "I actually know you and like you for who you are." It was the best moment of my life.

Bridal Veil Falls & April Fool's Day

One day Cameron and I went up to Bridal Veil and hiked up the waterfall. It was a lot of fun climbing up the steep, rocky, slippery terrain. Plus it gave me an opportunity to show him that I was an outdoorsy person and not some kind of girl who worried about getting dirty. When we reached the top we just stood there, holding hands as we looked out at the pretty scenery. Although this would've been a perfect spot for a first kiss, it didn't happen. That's okay, because when it did it was much more romantic. SPOILERS

So for April Fool's Day I decided to prank my family that Cameron and I were getting married. I had this old fake engagement ring I had since I was about 11 or so. I came up with a story that didn't seem to dramatic and told everyone at sunday dinner so technically it wasn't April 1 yet. Anyways, I was able to make myself cry which then lead everyone to believe me. People were crying and congratulating me. It was so funny! But eventually I felt bad because Britt was about to call her mom and everyone seemed so happy, so I yelled APRIL FOOL'S DAY. They couldn't believe that it was fake, but they were also relieved that I wasn't engaged since Cameron and I had only been together for a little over a month. Plus we hadn't even had our first kiss yet! 

Dinosaurs and a dream come true!

On March 10, 2013 Cameron and I went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point for a date. It was fun to look at all the dinosaurs and stuff, BUT my dream finally came true. What is this dream you ask? Well, as we walked through the museum, Cameron and I held hands the ENTIRE time. So yes, holding hands with someone while walking has been one of my dreams. AND IT HAPPENED. I was so happy the entire time. I was finally starting to get more comfortable with Cameron and I could be myself without feeling judged. Plus, our relationship was definitely growing even though I was still being slow. We hadn't even kissed at this point in time, BUT that's because Cameron was being the nicest gentleman ever. Anyways, I'll explain why in my post about our first kiss. 
When we finished the museum we went to Savory & Sweet for dinner. What delicious crepes they had!

Ice Cream Scuplting & Hang Time

After the basketball game, which I mentioned in my last post, Cameron invited me to his ward activity that was happening on that saturday. We did ice cream sculpting and boy was it a lot of fun! We had to provide our own ice cream, but they had different candies and stuff to use for decoration. If you can't tell from the picture, we made a castle. We used a granola bar as the drawbridge, sprinkles for the water and alligators, and some candy sticks as the flags. I got to meet some people from his ward, who were very nice, and it was just fun to build an ice cream sculpture with Cameron. :) 
Afterwards, we went to his Grandpa Pugh's house where he was an awesome theater room and watched Better Off Dead. Wow, what a hilarious movie! My mouth was killing me by the end because I could not stop laughing. Also, during the movie Cameron sat really close to me and we held hands the whole entire time. It was a wonderful evening. :)

Oh one more thing. I don't have any pictures from it, but I finally built up the courage and asked Cameron to go to Hang Time with the family. So he met all of the family except for Dad, Ammon, and Josh Hatch. I was really glad to hear that the fam liked him and that he liked the fam. That was a good sign. But we had a lot of fun jumping on the tramps, except that I found out that Cameron had sprained his ankle that morning at church ball. So I was making him jump on his injured ankle! I felt so bad. I'm pretty sure I made it worse. oops. It was nice spending time with him though. I loved it. :)

It's game time!

On February 27, 2013 Cameron invited me to go the Jazz game, which was my very first basketball game I had ever attended. It was a lot of fun! I didn't realize that bball games were actually entertaining. There were people doing stuff and it was just a fun environment. But maybe it's because I was with a certain person. ;) 
Anyways, I had an awesome time. It was nice to get to know Cameron more, to laugh, and to enjoy his company. 
Oh also before this date happened, Cameron had invited me to his friend's bday party at Tucanos. There I met the majority of his main group of friends. It was nice getting to know them and figuring out some things about Cameron from them. That's also where I found out that I am Amy 2.0. Long story short, the girl Cameron was dating before me was also named Amy. Funny right? And I found out that Cameron was actually a bit hesitant to ask me out since my name is Amy. I don't blame him. It would be weird to date someone with the same name of the person you just broke up with. BUT I am so so so so so so SO very glad that he got past the name thing and kept dating me. That decision definitely made my life so much better. :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Second Date: Valentine's Day

For our second date, Cameron asked me out on Valentine's Day. Apparently he thought I was hinting that I wanted to do something that day, but honestly I was just trying to figure out if he had a girl or someone he liked.
Cameron picked me up from my house, where he met my mom again and Chelsey, and we made our way towards Pleasant Grove High to see the play Beauty & the Beast. In the car, he gave me a big Dove Chocolate Bar and a Lindt Hazelnut bar. How did he know they were my favorite?? Now before we went to the school, he asked me if I wanted to see where he lived. So we stopped by his house and I met his mom (Melanie) and his three younger sisters (Catherine, Camilla, & Cadee). It was super cute because the moment we walked in Cadee came running towards the door screaming Cameron's name and then jumped into his arms. Then she jumped down, looked up at me, and said "We got bunnies!" Grabbing my hand, she lead me through the house to see their new bunnies. It was very nice to meet part of his family. They seemed very very nice. After that, we headed to the school and sat in our seats. Now here's the really exciting part of the story.
During the first half of the play, I noticed that his hand was slowly getting closer to mine. Now not being very experienced with guys and the fact that I've never held a guy's hand before, you can probably imagine how I was feeling. My heart was beating like a mad person, I'm pretty sure was starting to sweat, and my mind was racing. Should I grab his hand or should I wait for him to take mine? Do I move my hand closer or stay still? Ugh, if only Britt was there so I could ask for her advice! So the entire first act Cameron's hand kept moving closer, but he never did hold my hand. Intermission happened, I tried calming myself/telling myself to be brave in the bathroom, and then returned back to our seats. The second half started and once again Cameron's hand was close to mine, occasionally bumping against mine. I decided to be brave and I looked down at his hand, then at his face. He looked at me and then said, "Is it alright?" I nodded and he then took a hold of my hand. WHOA BABY. HE WAS HOLDING MY HAND. ON OUR SECOND DATE. Pretty much there were fireworks happening inside of me. I couldn't believe that he was holding my hand. It was so sweet because sometimes he would stroke the side of my hand with his thumb and it was just so wonderful. I couldn't really concentrate on the play, because I was so busy controlling myself and not acting like a fool. After the play, we then went to Sammy's Cafe and had a late dinner. We talked some more and I kept finding myself liking this guy even more. We had so much in common, it was ridiculous. Oh and here's a funny thing. We finished eating and got into the car. He kept glancing over at me as we talked and suddenly I noticed that we were about to run a red light. I'm sure he noticed that my face probably got a bit panicky and he looked ahead right as we ran the light. His face got red and he started apologizing, saying, "I'm so sorry! I swear I'm a good driver. I've never done that before. I guess I was just distracted by you." So what he was saying, is that my "beauty" distracted him. Ha! He was so cute trying to explain himself as he started getting flustered and embarrassed. I just laughed and told him that he was fine. There was no traffic, so no harm done.
We finally arrived home, in one piece, and he walked me up to the door. He told me he had a wonderful night, hugged me goodbye, and then we parted. I was floating on air when I went upstairs to tell my mom everything. A few minutes later my phone started ringing and guess who it was. Cameron. I answered and he told me again what a great night we had and then said "I just wanted to let you know that you looked really pretty tonight. I forgot to say it in person, but I wanted you to know." Wow, what a line! He thought I looked pretty! No guy has ever told me that.

So we've only had two dates and already I was falling for this guy. I really REALLY hoped that we would keep going on dates, cause this was the best thing to ever happen to me.

Update Time!

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted on here and oh boy, there sure has been a lot happening since August 2012. I guess I will mainly talk about the most important thing that has happened to me which is, I'M GETTING MARRIED. SURPRISE. Didn't see that one coming, did you? So let me explain.

In my Spring 2013 semester, I met the most amazing person in this entire universe. Cameron Hein. We were both in Fitness for Life. The funny thing is, he had already taken it at Snow College but it didn't transfer over. I was signed up for a different teacher, but decided at last minute to change my teacher. Coincidence? I think NOT! Anyways, we had to do Outdoor Activity Reports and I was building up the courage to ask him out. Britt, my wonderful sister who was living with us at the time, helped coach me what to say & how to act so I didn't seem like a complete fool around Cameron. (If you didn't know already, I was an amateur at being around guys. I had only been on two dates and was very awkward.) Now before I could ask Cameron to do an activity with me, HE ALREADY BEAT ME TO THE PUNCH. Now if you could only imagine how I reacted when he first asked to be Facebook friends, and then asked for my number, and then asked if I wanted to do an Outdoor activity. It was a pretty funny site. My heart was pounding and I felt like I could explode with giddiness. A GUY asked ME if we could do something together. Yes I know it wasn't a date "technically" but in my mind it was. So we went Ice Skating and wow, what an amazing night! He paid for my ticket, we talked the entire time, and afterwards he took me out for hot chocolate. It was the best night of my life! He took me home, walked me up to the door and before he left he hugged me. AAAHHH. A GUY HUGGED ME. That was the first time any guy had hugged me and it was amazing. Sure it only lasted like 2 seconds since I was new to this and pulled back, but boy was it wonderful! I was on cloud nine when I walked into the house and my mom could tell. I couldn't believe that I spent an evening with a guy by myself. It was unreal. Anyways, long story short. We continued to talk in class/get to know each other and kept going on dates. The more I got to know him, the more I wanted to be with him. My mom kept telling me not to have my expectations so high, cause we'd probably go on a few dates, but we kept on progressing. And now, look at us. We are getting married August 17, 2013 at the Mount Timpanogos Temple. Pretty spectacular, right?

So what I'm going to do is I will make a separate post for all the things we did together/the story of our relationship. That way it's not all in one big post. So stay tuned for the story of Amy & Cameron.

Here we are on our "first date". It was such a fun night!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


So this last saturday, August 18, I finally did my lifelong dream. I WENT SKYDIVING. I don't even know how to fully describe it. All I can say is that it was the most amazing thing I've done all my life. The sensation was incredible and it was so much fun! I'm glad that my friend Carrie went with me. It was fun to hang out with her and do this crazy adventure with her. I would recommend doing this for anyone who's not scared of heights and wants to do something that will change their life. I would totally go again if anyone wants to do it. So here are some of my pictures and my video. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer fun

Here's an update on things I've done throughout the summer so far.

  • I went to Railay's superhero birthday party. It was fun to see all these little kids running around in homemade capes and masks, eating superhero cake, and having a lot of fun.
Here's Railay as a superhero. I'm surprised I actually got a picture of him smiling for the camera cause he never does it for me.

Railay's awesome superhero b-day cake.

Rowan as a superhero

  • My dad took my mom, Lindsey, Josh, Chelsey, Taylor, and me to see the Dark Knight Rises. It was a really good movie and it exceeded my expectations. It was fun to spend time with my family. Also my family members are very sneaky people. Lindsey had brought a tub of chocolate ice cream, homemade cookies and my mom brought candy for us all to eat. I must say it's the first time I've ever had my own ice cream in a theater that I didn't have to buy.

  • I went boating with the Rusts and the Ogdens. We went on the tube, swam in the lake, and just had a lot of fun.
Me, Diesel, Chelsey, and Lindsey

Me and North

Josh, North, Railay, and Rowan on the tube.
  • I went to one of the Twilight series concerts, no not the book Twilight, with the Rusts. Even though we missed the person we wanted to see, Joshua James, we still had a fun time. It was nice hanging out with my sister and her family..
I sure do love Rowboat. He was my little buddy that night.

  • On the spur of the moment mom decided to take me to see The Bourne Legacy on opening day. It was a really good movie and I loved it. Jeremy Renner did an awesome job at his role and not to mention at looking very attractive.

  • Last saturday Aaron and his family (Britt, Emery, Van, and Izzy) officially moved in with us! They'll be living with us for probably a year or at least until they find a good home. I'm really excited to have them with us cause now I can spend more time with the kids and also hang out with my awesome brother and sister. (Sadly I don't have any pictures, but I will in the future.)
  • Last but not least I got a new phone….AN IPHONE. I was able to get an upgrade for my crappy old phone, about time, and even though it cost me a bit I really wanted to get an iPhone. I'm pretty excited to have one. Hopefully with instagram I'll be able to take more pictures to put up on here. :)

Well that's all I can think of. Summers almost over, but that doesn't mean my adventures will be. I have a lot of fun things coming up and I will for sure post about them on here.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Freedom 5k Run

For the 4th of July I did the Freedom 5k run with my friends Carrie and Craig and two other guys, Brian and Chris. It was actually a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself. Usually I would have been at the parade and doing things with family, but everyone is in California. It was definitely a weird 4th of July, since I didn't have all the family over, but it was still fun. I'm glad that Carrie encouraged me to do the race with her. In the end, I actually did a whole lot better than I thought I would. I ran it in 32:38 minutes, which meant I was running at a 10:32 minute mile pace. It's a lot better than I've done in the past and I feel pretty proud of myself. Now I have a cool running shirt and a medal. Probably the only running medal I'll ever get.

Me at the end of the race

My friend Carrie at the end of the race

My running team: Craig, Carrie, Brian, Chris, and Me

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Life update

Here's a quick update on my life so far:

I'm halfway through my CNA program. It's been really fun so far and not too hard. Yesterday I became officially CPR and First Aid certified. Oh man, my arms are so sore. We did a lot of practicing and I added up my total amount of compressions I did on a mannequin. 2,250. That's a lot of times to push real hard on a stubborn mannequin.

Next is I've been training these past two weeks for the 4th of July Freedom 5k run! My good friend Carrie really wanted me to do it with her, since that's her birthday, so I agreed to do it. At first I didn't want to, because I'm not much of a runner, but as I've been running everyday I'm actually really excited to do it. I know that a 5k isn't a big deal to some people, but to me it is. I'm also excited to get a cool free shirt and to have a fun time with my friend. Plus in order to get ready I've been trying to eat really healthy. One of the things I've been eating, or drinking I guess, is a nice green smoothie. My favorite green smoothie is one that has: Spinach, Bananas, Flaxseed, Cinnamon, Honey, Protein powder, half milk, half water. IT IS SO GOOD.

So that's basically all I've been up to besides work. Life is good and I'm glad for it. Oh, here's one last cute thing to end this post. Chelsey, my Mom, Cheri (my cousin), and I went out to eat for a girl's night out. Diesel of course came with us but was a sleep. He woke up when we were at the restaurant and had the cutest sad look on his face. If you can't tell, he has tears in his eyes. Here a few pictures I got on my iTouch. Enjoy :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Things that happened this last month

Oops, I haven't posted on here in a while. My bad. I guess I've just been busy with all the stuff I've been doing. So, let me do a recap of everything that's happened this month and include some pictures.

1. I went on the annual Moab trip that Chelsey/Taylor and their friends on go. We had a lot of fun going repelling, hiking, rafting, camping, and eating good food. Plus, I got to spend a whole lot of time with baby Diesel. Awww yeah!

2. Went on a cute date with my nephew Railay. We had a lot of fun playing superheroes, watching a movie and going to his favorite place, McDonalds (yuck!)

3. Had a girl's day out with my sisters where we went to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival and had a picnic. 

4. I had my 20th birthday. Woo! I got a cool pop-up tent, a nice sleeping bag, and then got to go to REI and get some more stuff dealing with outdoor adventures. 

5. I saw the Avengers movie and it was THE BEST. Man, I need to see it again soon cause I forget how much I loved that movie when I saw. 

6. I went on a trip to a cabin at Brighton Ski Resort and that was a lot of fun. It snowed like 1 1/2'' on us, maybe even 2 feet. It was really beautiful up there.

6. Now for the best news ever. I'M AN AUNT OF 17. My sister Lindsey and sister Britt had their babies and they're both little girls!! They are so adorable!! Lindsey's girl is named Catalina and Britt's is named Izzy. I love them so much and I can't wait till them and their two other cousins their age, Diesel and Marshall, are older and can be the four musketeers. If you haven't noticed, I really love babies, especially my nieces and nephews.

7. I'm starting my CNA program today. I'm pretty excited to do it and I'm also excited to wear scrubs. Don't know why, but I have a weird fascination with them. 

7. Don't know why I haven't posted it up on here yet, but I'M GOING TO EUROPE IN FOUR MONTHS. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! My mom and I are going on a cruise to Italy in October! We'll first fly to Venice, Italy and stay there for a day. Then the cruise ship takes off from there and goes to: Koper, Slovenia, Split, Croatia, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Messina, Sicily, Naples, Italy, and ends at Rome, Italy. We'll then stay in Rome for three or so days to see everything there is to see. BUT OH MAN. You don't even realize how excited I am for this! I've always dreamed of going to Italy and when my mom told we that we were going, I literally screamed out loud and had tears in my eyes, cause I was so happy. So, I can't wait till that happens cause then I'll have something really cool to post on my blog.

Okay, I think that's the most part of what's happened this past month besides working a bunch. I'll post some pictures and hopefully remember to post more often.

Lil' Diesel being a cowboy. "Howdy Ma'am"

My cool repelling shot down the crack. (This wasn't photoshopped or 
anything, just to let you know)

Taylor's cool repelling shot. (Chelsey went down to 
fast for me to get one of her)

Here we are after playing an intense drinking game consisting of
6 kool-aid jammers, 6 water bottles, 1 martinelli (a weird watermelon lemonade one), 
a really gross V8 fusion drink, and two big flavored water drinks. We then had a competition
on who could hold their bladders the longest. It lasted for 2 1/2 hours. Kylie (on the left) won.

Taking a nice walk on/around the lake.

I thought this was a cool cabin. I like the colors.

Here I am with lil' Marshall on the girl's day out.

Some of the sisters, mom and I at Thanksgiving Point.

Me and lil' Diesel at the gardens.

Baby Catalina! Look at that adorable smile!

Baby Izzy! Look at that cute dress and that little face!